eMule 49b. TK4 Mod 2.2b

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Main Features:

KAD Keyword input enhancements    Adds separate KAD Keyword field for search, plus auto derive.2.1d  more info
Fixed and reworked ToolTipCtrlX   The Devs wrote tooltips with icon support, now it works under windows 2000.2.1b  more info
Auto MTU/MSS   Determines the highest usable and fair ATM efficient value for MSS and uses it for uploads. 2.0e fixes 2.1c  more info
Header View+   Allows Viewing of the Header of a downloading or completed file and attempts identification. 1.5e bug fix 2.1a  more info view
Statistics Functionality Enhancements   Additional display options and functionality. Bug fix 1.5e  more info
Permanent search filters   Added in version 1.4g. Updated to be more server/bandwidth friendly. 2.0d  more info
IP Filter update   Updates your IPFilter using its own thread, Monthly Auto update option, Ver 2.0a   more info
Slot Focus   Basic Slot Focus. Concentrates bandwidth on the slot(s) that can best use it.1.4c  more info
Download improvements   Increases cumulative DL speeds (Code Improved) + Netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests. 1.5b  more info
Upload improvements   No sleep for uploadthrottler thread, Code by lupzz added No Nagle option. 2.1a  more info
Virus scan   Comodo antivirus support added 2.1d  more info
Forceshare   Re-evaluated re-written 1.3a Bug fix stats collection code, file deletion crash. 2.0d  more info
Credit Systems +   Added Fine credit system - Created by CiccioBastardo. TK4 system optimized 2.0b  more info
Hidden   Hides/unhides eMule via user defined hot keys.  more info
Simple Compressibility Evaluation   Saves wasting CPU cycles. Bug fixes! 1.5b  more info
Filename Disparity Check   Indicates when a file has a very different,(often dodgy), name. *Improved* 1.5a.  more info
IP2Country   Shows country flags from IP for clients and servers,(code - Eastshare/Morph/eXtreme). More uses. 2.0b  more info

Minor Features:

Enhanced Client Recognition   Recognize and displays more clients. Coded by Famerlor from Spike2 Mod.
Redesigned Client Details dialog   Updated 2.2a retained obfuscation,(protocol extension(s) logging to verbose log also). see it
Client Mod version display
Faster re-ask for MLDonkey clients   Idea Spike2, WiZaRd, Eng123 (suggested by spiralvoice - mlDonkey-DevTeam). Added 2.0a
KAD ID display Optimize   Netfinity's replacement of performance costly string functions. 2.2a
Don't remove static servers, option   1.4g Fixed 1.5f
Don't log filtered messages, option   1.5e
Display files never seen complete as red in downloads list   1.4c
Display non-trivial files with excessive compression as purple in downloads list   2.1a
Highlight Search entries with mismatched extensions
Stats Colour(color) reset button
Warn & prompt on deletion of possibly rare completed files   2.1a
Statistics, use old style graphs option   2.1a

For full features and usage information view the TK4 Mod Readme (HTML).

Also view:   TK4 Mod Change log to see fixes added etc. (HTML).
                  UDP SendTo() Optimize Optimizes to CUDPSocket::SendTo() and CClientUDPSocket::SendTo(). (HTML).
                  TK4 Credit Systems inc. C++ to see TK4 credit system overview. (HTML).
                  TK4 download improvements to see the code. (HTML).

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HTTP Download current binary
HTTP Download current source

ED2K link to current binary  eMule49a_TK4Mod_2.2b_bin.rar
ED2K link to current source eMule49a_TK4Mod_2.2b_src.rar

Virus Scan
The TK4 Mod currently has built in support for the following virus scanners installed at their default locations, from version 1.2a onward the 'Program Files' directory name will be read from the registry!

AntiVir Get it legally for FREE here!
Avast! home Get it legally for FREE here!
Avast! Pro
BitDefender Get it legally for FREE here!
Comodo Get it legally for FREE here!
Eset NOD32
eTrust EZ
F-Prot (windows version)
Kaspersky personal / personal pro
McAfee - (Untested McAffee does not install with other AV products!)
Zone Alarm
TK4 Mod anti-virus option screen
The TK4 Mod also supports any command line antivirus product, via the 'Other' option.

The TK4 Mod has additional functionality which is easy to configure TK4 extras!

Credit systems and anti-leech features are also easy to configure.

Credit systems and anti-leech

Connection tab now displays the Auto MTU/MSS status and if enabled the MTU value found and MSS value in use, eMule default MSS is 1300. Auto MTU/MSS runs FindMTU() on startup when Auto MTU/MSS is enabled.